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Online Trading South Africa has become increasingly popular. With the rise of online trading in South Africa, there’s also a rise of online share trading platforms. In this article, you will know what is online trading and how does it work in South Africa. Online trading in South Africa is an investment modality that may be of interest to you. Find out more about it with the article we prepared.

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Forex, Margin & CFD are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money due to leverage.

Buy and sell stocks in the short term in the financial market, safely and online. The name of this practice is online trading, and it can be done by anyone who, independently, makes their acquisitions and sales taking advantage of market opportunities.

The term has gained more and more prominence in the market, with many people starting in trading and making considerable profits. But, do you know what it is and how does it work in South Africa?

Find out in this article, what is online trading, how traders operate in the market, and also a way that the trader can get even faster profits!

Online Trading South Africa

What is Online Trading

Online Trading is a very short-term investment modality, consisting of the purchase and sale of highly liquid shares. What the format brings is its high potential for income in a single day or even minutes.

Trading-type negotiations take place online, through an online trading platform called home broker, which performs all remote and secure operations.

The difference between Trade, Trader and Trading

Trade, trading and trader: all words converge in the same medium, but there are some differences in practice between them.

  • Trade: Trade is any exchange between two organizations, and in the field of investments, this represents the purchase and sale of assets.
  • Trading: The trading is the act of operating on buying and selling shares in the short term on a platform online, which carries out the trade.
  • Trader: The trader is the person who operates on an online trading platform in South Africa, thus doing the trading . This professional does not necessarily need to be someone with a background in Economic Sciences. Therefore, it can be any professional, even without specific training in an area.

Manual and automatic trading

In trading , there are two ways of trading, which are: the manual, which depends on a trader ; and automatic, in which robots do the operations.

Trading manual

It requires constant reading, updating and monitoring of the market, in addition to a clinical look and also emotional control. In addition, it requires that the trader be in person operating on the platform, during the open hours to trade.

An advantage of manual trading is that a trader can, unlike a robot, perceive, or in other words, have a ” feeling ” for a very successful operation.

Automatic trading

Robots automate the tasks of operating the buying and selling of shares, in place of the human trader. However, it is necessary to configure the robots so that they execute the commands within a strategy defined by the trader .

Also, this mode requires the trader to update and configure the robots periodically, since it is the professional who updates himself as the market changes, and reconfigures the system afterwards.

The Online Forex trading

Online Forex trading is a market for buying and selling currencies, rather than stocks. Also known as foreign exchange, it is a totally decentralized medium, in which the possibilities of profit are even greater than in stock trading. The reason is that virtually all currencies in the countries are traded.

The daily trading volume of the Forex market is around US $5.3 trillion and concentrates high liquidity. A value that far exceeds the negotiations that take place in other types of buying and selling.

Also, it is a market that operates around the clock from Monday to Friday, which allows a longer term for Forex traders to trade , from wherever they are.

In Brazil, the operation with Forex trading is allowed, although there is no broker of this type, authorized by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). However, it is possible to hire a foreign broker that operates in this market, to buy and sell currencies.

How to work with Trading

To work with trading is to operate stocks or currencies alone, knowing that you can gain a lot or lose in the same proportion. In this way, it is an autonomous job, in which the trader is the only person responsible for his mistakes and successes.

Therefore, your update on the financial market must be constant, in order to always have data on operations, more profitable actions, among other information. This will ensure more informed decisions and greater chances of gain.

Thus, it is also important that, before opening an account with a broker and hiring a home broker service, the novice trader should read a lot and stay on how this market works.

A tip for those who want to operate with trading , is to only put at risk a capital that will not be lacking. Thus, making available an amount that can be both multiplied and reduced is the best choice.

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Operate with trading also requires patience and emotional control, not getting carried away by expectations of high profits. This is a job and a market like others, however, the product of buying and selling is money, which makes it risky.

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